Terms and conditions

Meeting Point

hotel, air­port or oth­er place in Arusha or Kili­mand­jaro, from which you will be picked up for a safari and returnedf after safari

The Booking

  • Tour book­ing will be made via web­shop or by email. If you have not registered yet, please, register first.
  • Four safari tours are avail­able via web­shop for 2 to 7 per­sons with Lux­ury or Midrange ‑options. Choose prop­er timetable at cal­en­dar. Safari tours usu­ally begins at Mondays.
  • When book­ing tour, you should fill needed inform­a­tion “Pas­sanger con­tact info” for all pas­sangers. You accept Terms and Conditions.
  • After pay­ment you receive book­ing con­firm­a­tion in your email.

Deposit & Payment

  • Accept­able cred­it cards will shown at webshop.
  • All pay­ments out­side safari tours are cus­tom­er ́s resposibility.


Can­cel­la­tions must be sent via email to Safar­ina Ltd, who con­firmed the reser­va­tions. Can­cel­la­tions shall only be effect­ive from the date of receipt of can­cel­la­tion by Safar­ina Ltd.

If a book­ing is can­celled the cli­ent is sub­ject to a can­cel­la­tion fee as follows:

  • until 4 weeks pri­or to depar­ture – 30% Can­cel­la­tion Fee
  • 4–2 weeks pri­or to depar­ture – 50% Can­cel­la­tion Fee
  • 2–1 weeks pri­or to depar­ture – 75% Can­cel­la­tion Fee
  • Less than 1 week pri­or to depar­ture – 100% Can­cel­la­tion Fee
  • In case of sud­den ill­ness, death in the fam­ily or oth­er excep­tion­al circumstances

pre­vent­ing travel, the cus­tom­er must ensure that their own travel and acci­dent insur­ance cov­ers the cost of the reser­va­tion if this occurs neces­sit­ates the can­cel­la­tion of the safari tour. Safar­ina Ltd must be noti­fied of the can­cel­la­tion immediately.

Jon­adad­ven­tures reserves the right to can­cel any tour at its sole and abso­lute dis­cre­tion, without pri­or noti­fic­a­tion in instances where this is unavoid­able. How­ever, in that case Jon­adad­ven­tures agrees to refund all mon­ies already paid by the cli­ent. This shall be the Jon­adad­ven­tures sole respons­ib­il­ity to the cli­ent and no claim for any dam­ages, how­so­ever arising, shall accrue against the company.

Passports, Visas and other Travel Papers

  • It is the client’s sole respons­ib­il­ity to ensure that pass­ports, visas, health cer­ti­fic­ates, proof of vac­cin­a­tions and any oth­er doc­u­ment­a­tion required are all in order for the coun­tries to be visited.
  • Jon­adad­ven­tures can­not be held liable for any con­sequences, dam­ages or claims if the cli­ent does not attend cor­rectly to the client’s doc­u­ment­a­tion and related mat­ters pri­or to com­mence­ment of the tour.


  • At any time, all bag­gage and per­son­al effects are at the client’s respons­ib­il­ity and Jon­adad­ven­tures does not accept any liab­il­ity for any loss or dam­age of any per­son­al effects, how­so­ever arising.
  • Cli­ents are entitled to one bag of not more than 15 kg (back­pack or soft bag – no hardtop suit­case) and a daypack. Jon­adad­ven­tures reserves the right to refuse excess bag­gage. Please notice that on our trekking tours and on some “bush” flights oth­er bag­gage reg­u­la­tions may apply.
  • Soft sided lug­gage or duffels are prefer­able to hard lug­gage for stor­age on Safari vehicles and on Air­craft used with­in Africa.


  • The cli­ent accepts that all tours are of an adven­tur­ous nature and involve an ele­ment of per­son­al risk. Neither Jon­adad­ven­tures nor any of its agents can be held liable in any way for any injury, loss of life or dam­age to prop­erty, how­so­ever caused. The cli­ent hereby indem­ni­fies Jon­adad­ven­tures and will hold the Jon­adad­ven­tures, its agent, assigns and ser­vants harm­less from any such claim.
  • The cli­ent accepts full respons­ib­il­ity for all risks involved.
  • Travel insur­ance is cus­tom­er ́s respons­ib­il­ity. We recom­mend travel incur­ance all travelling.

Authority on Tour

  • The decisions of Jonadadventure’s guide/driver on tour shall at all times be final and binding.
  • The cli­ent must at all times com­ply with the laws, cus­toms and for­eign exchange

reg­u­la­tions of all coun­tries visited.


Jon­adad­ven­tures reserves the right to use any pho­to­graphs and videos taken dur­ing tours for mar­ket­ing or any oth­er advert­ising material.

Force Majeure

  • Jon­adad­ven­tures can­not accept any liab­il­ity or pay any com­pens­a­tion in respect to delays or lack of per­form­ance affected by force majeure.
  • Force Majeure means any events which the com­pany has no con­trol over and even in cir­cum­stances where all due care was taken the event could not have been avoided or fore­seen. This includes a civil strife, nat­ur­al dis­aster, adverse weath­er con­di­tion, threat of war, ter­ror­ist activ­ity, riot, war, indus­tri­al dis­pute, fire and all sim­il­ar events out­side the Jonadadventure’s control.

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